Fort Zombie

Genre: Action RPG
Publisher: Paradox Interactive

In Fort Zombie, players will find themselves trapped in the small town of Piety, Indiana. Faced with no other choice but to find shelter from an impending wave of zombies migrating from a nearby metropolis, players will be challenged to choose a building to be their fort throughout the entire campaign. By effectively focusing efforts on building up this structure in between scouring the town for supplies and searching out and training survivors, players will have a shot at surviving the massive zombie onslaught.

For the few remaining citizens of Piety, each new day brings more fear. Only the most prepared citizens of Piety will stand a chance against the zombie infestation. Choose from a variety of daily tasks and efficiently build up your character's stats and skills as you battle blood-thirsty invaders and attempt to avoid total infestation. Most importantly, you must build up your fort for anyone to have any hope of surviving the last, big stand-off against the coming undead swarm.

Minimum Requirements :

- Operating system: Windows XP SP2/Vista/7
- Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 6600 or equivalent
- Memory: 2GB of RAM
- Hard disk space: 1GB free hard drive space
- Video: DirectX 9.0c SM2 compliant graphics card with 512M of RAM minimum
- Sound: DirectX-compatible
- DirectX: 9.0c

Features :

- Take control of a single building in town as you prepare for total zombie infestation
- Gather supplies and find survivors by day, defend your building by night
- Players can engage in specfic single missions within the campaign and spend hours building up the ultimate fortress
- Unique character building and reward system - each day brings new missions, each with different potential rewards. How you utilize and level up your survivors will greatly affect your chances of avoiding an ultimate zombie demise

Installation :

- Mount DAEMON Tools .
- Setup .
- Play .

Size :
367 MB






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