Super 1 Karting ( Portable )

Genre: Racing
Publisher: Interactive Entertainment
Developer: Outbound Games

Super Mario Kart introduced the karting genre, and ever since then, kart games have generally been arcade-style racers. There's nothing wrong with that, but anyone looking for a realistic depiction of the sport was out of luck. Super 1 Karting aims to change that with a kart racer with realistic physics, control based on actual telemetry data, and all the offical Kart GP tracks. Driving real 2-stroke karts is not easy, and this game is no less challenging as the karts handle in a realistic manner. To win, you'll have to spend some time learning the lay of the tracks; however, there is an arcade mode that allows you to just pick a track and start racing. The real challenge though is to make it through the three championships.

Size : 25.3 MB


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