Deadly Dozen - full rip

Genre: First-Person Shooter
Publisher: Infogrames
Developer: nFusion

On December 12th, 1941, General Dwight D. Eisenhower ordered Major Quintin Maxwell, the Army's leading expert on commando/unconventional warfare, to form a small special operations group to be designated as the 1st Special Missions Unit. After 12 weeks of intense training under Major Maxwell, this group of twelve hardcases were forged into an elite fighting force capable of taking on any mission, no matter how impossible, and succeeding. In order to prove his unit's capabilities, Maxwell invited Eisenhower and his staff to see for themselves first hand during a training exercise. Maxwell's unit preformed so effectively that there was no doubt about their ability to take on the impossible and succeed. Impressed, General Eisenhower referred to them as "The deadliest twelve men I've ever seen - Thank God they are on our side!" Thus the legend of The Deadly Dozen was born.

Features :

Goal based gameplay offers complete freedom in developing mission strategies; Multiple missions set in 1942-45 France, North Africa, Norway and other war-ravaged locations; Begin with a briefing session to assemble your squad, review photos, maps and more; Drivable WWII military vehicles; Authenticity right down to the WWII uniforms; Dynamic visual effects and 3D theater-like sounds will have you ducking for cover.

Minimum Requirements :

* Win 95/98/Me/XP
* 300MHz Processor
* 64M B RAM
* 8 MB Video Card

Installation :

* Run setup & Wait Until Finish
* Play Game From ( WW2Game ) Icon

Size : 176 MB
Size After Setup : 590 MB


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